How we created OEE data from a Beckhoff PLC

Running a production line optimally is vital for production companies and optimising it can create a significant difference. It is necessary to know what/where the weak links are since this information will be important to optimise the production. (OEE) In this post follows an example of a machine manufacturer and how the important data from the PLC can be utilized. A One Packaging is a machine manufacture for the food industries. They have clients all over the world and were looking for an easy way to monitor and access performance information from their machines. This information is vital for analysing the performance of […] webapp UPDATE!

At we help companies digitize information which in turn will keep them updated with the most important production, consumption, environment information through the webapp. The webapp is an essential feature and provides maximum flexibility and control and can be accessed from both smartphones, tablets, info screens and computers. We are therefore happy to announce that the webapp has been updated with exciting new features and improved user interface to make the user experience even better. Here are some of the new features: 1. New and improved trendBoard layout. The creation of a trendBoard (the dashboard of has become much […]

How to turn an OMRON PLC into a IoT device

In this post we will demonstrate how easy it is to turn a PLC, in this case an OMRON plc in to an IoT device so internal values can be read and displayed from everywhere as long as there is a connection to the internet. The Dataforwarder supports, among many communications protocols, the OMRON’s FinsTcp protocol which is an ethernet based tcp/ip protocol. The PLC we are using in this example is the small and compact OMRON SYSMAC CP1L with an ethernet option board installed. The Dataforwarder is setup and connected to the internet through the LAN1 port. […]

The Data Forwarder

The data forwarder collects data directly from devices and support many of the industrial protocols that is used. With the OMRON protocol FINStcp and FINSudp values can be read directly from the PLC memory. Machine supplier are using the system to log and monitor machine run and stop time, number of units produced and so on. These information can then be used to calculate the Efficiency (OEE) of the machine / line and also used to plan preventive maintenance to eliminate line break down which can be fatal.                  

Monitoring humidity and temperarure of the test LAB.

DYKON A/S in Lunderskov, Denmark, is the leading manufacturer of down and feather duvets and pillows in the North. DYKON is using the solution to track power and gas consumption and the amount of wast water from the factory. The production is monitored to measure the efficiency of the equipment and the teams and all the data and trends is displayed on trendboard that can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones. In the LAB they test the quality of the down and feather. Doing these tests it is very important that the humidity is on the same level […]