Instant overview of
production and consumption keeps you updated with the most important production and consumption trends around the clock and makes it possible to track data back in time. Sign in on today from everywhere on mobile, tablet, info screens and computer on our webapp. contains


collects data from measuring equipment and forwards the information via encrypted connection to the cloud


Stores and analyses the data


Trendboard tools to create overview, analyses, reports and notification on changes

Monitoring a Freezer makes it easy recording and monitoring temperature in a freezer, so you can keep track of your spending, no more manual measurement and reporting, and you can receive alarms on deviations so you to take action.

You can at any time from the webapp trendboards view reports for a given period and get an overview of the consumption patterns and measurements. can also be used to record the number of units produced, for example, divided on daily, evening and night shifts and present the information in clear trendboards.

How it works

Information is collected from measuring equipment by the Data forwarder, which send the information via an encrypted connection on to the cloud. Current and stored data is organized and appear on trendboards through webapp on mobile, tablets, info screens and computer and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

The Data forwarder supports various protocols such as

  • BACnet
  • Wireless m-bus
  • ModbusTCP
  • FINStcp/udp
  • SNMP v1, v2c, v3

and more and can read values directly from PLCs, controllers or decentralized i/o devices.

Organize your data on trendboard let you manage your data and create trendviews that represent the data. The trendview widgets can be organized on trendboards.

Trendboards layout can be customized to create the information overview that you need, to know what’s going on.

The trendboards is “live” updated everytime there is new information on your channel, so you will always have the current information available on your trendboards.

Embedding Trendviews

The Trendviews that represent the collected data can be embedded in to webpages just like you knoe it from youtube movies ect.

The Trendviews will be updated every time new data is collected.

This example shows Power consumption from a site and is updated every hour.